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Ed Ross | Monday, October 3, 2011

The progressive dream of transforming America into a social-democratic state, where “social justice,” “green jobs,” and the “redistribution of wealth” are its organizing principles, has turned into a nightmare. American voters are on a path to reject the progressive agenda en masse and its standard bearer, President Barack Obama, along with it. But don’t expect progressives to go quietly into the dust bin of history. Beware the ides of October and expect an all out class-warfare attack on Republicans, the Tea Party and conservatives. The question is will it work?

President Barack Obama and progressives had a plan when they found themselves occupying the White House and with overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate. It wasn’t to turn the sinking U.S. economy around, bring down unemployment, and restore American prosperity; there would be time for that later. It was to take advantage of the situation and cement the Democratic Party’s/progressives' control of government for decades to come.

They expanded government and the number of employees paying dues to public-sector unions funneling billions into Democratic Party coffers. They granted billions in loans to companies like Solyndra that touted green jobs and contributed money to Democrats. And they passed Obamacare in order to create another entitlement that would make more Americans dependent on government and increase government’s ability to involve itself in almost every aspect of American life.

What they couldn’t do through legislation, before and after the 2010 election when they lost the House of Representatives, they did by writing thousands of pages of government regulations.

They did all these things expecting that the U.S. economy would rebound on its own as it tends to do after a recession. President Obama could then tack toward the center and cruise to reelection where he could further the progressive agenda in a second term.

Unfortunately, for the President and progressives, they either didn’t understand the fundamentals of capitalism and what fuels the business cycle or they didn’t believe they made much difference. Furthermore, they misjudged the mood of American people. The economy didn’t rebound and Independent voters, essential to President Obama’s and Democrats’ reelections, deserted them in droves.

Now, with confidence in the U.S. economy at abysmal lows, unemployment projected to remain high through the 2012 election, and President Obama’s approval ratings tanking, progressives will revert to what the do best—incite the mob.

President Obama has already embarked on a class-warfare campaign intended to rally his base, portraying conservative and Tea-Party Republicans as heartless, cold, greedy, and inimical to the best interests of “working Americans” and the country. In speech after speech he extols the virtue of wealthy Americans paying their “fair share” in taxes and asks why Republicans in Congress won’t put the best interest of the country above special interests. At a Congressional Black Caucus dinner, drawing on mental images from the civil rights movement, he told attendees to quit crying and complaining and "put on your marching shoes.”

Progressive shock troops are preparing to carry out his wishes. Last week none other than the infamous Van Jones told MSNBC's Lawrence O’Donnell; "Hold on to your hats, we're going to have an October offensive to take back the American dream and rescue America's middle class."

Speaking out at the take-back-Wall-Street protests Friday, AFL/CIO President Richard Trumka praised the protest tactic. "I think it's a tactic and a valid tactic to call attention to a problem.” Showing his support for the protests, he said; "Our international unions are involved, our locals are involved, and you'll see a lot of working people."

On the airways, progressives are disseminating the talking points intended to rally the troops. In addition the usual negative characterizations of those on the right they’ve added racist to their ammunition belts. Democratic strategists are even calling black Republican Herman Cain’s statement that the reason 90 percent of African Americans vote Democrat is because they’ve been “brainwashed” a racist statement.

So what are we to expect? Will we see riots like we saw in Great Britain or like we saw in Los Angeles in 1992? I think not. Some protests may get out of hand, as protests on the left often do. But that is certainly not what President Obama has in mind, even if some of his supporters do. He wants to push the envelope as he plays to his base, but he knows you can push it too far.

What we’ll see is the substitution of slogans, chants, and one-line talking points for logic, reason and facts. The administration, the progressive left outside government, and the liberal-leaning media will attempt to play on the fears of seniors and the emotions of the uninformed to convince them that electing Republicans will only make things worse.

Amidst this mid-October offensive, however, Republican candidates and primary voters will be making critical choices. Candidates with low poll numbers will have to decide when they will bow out of the race. Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, and perhaps others must decide to declare their candidacies or not. Republican primary voters still have weeks before they must cast votes in first caucuses and primaries, but their poll responses will begin to winnow the field. Whichever Republican candidate emerges as the party’s nominee he or she will be a strong candidate able to defeat Barack Obama.

Americans will watch how both camps behave and perform in October and beyond; and if they haven’t figured it out already, they will understand that the next presidential election is about more than the candidates. It’s about what kind of America we want to live in.


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